Raya Foods is one of the subsidiaries of Raya Holding For Financial Investments. Raya Foods acquired The International Union for Integrated Food Industries’ factory - that has been operating in the market since 2006 - offering a wide variety of frozen fruits and vegetables to the Egyptian local market covering the basic day-to-day product range as well as new innovative food solutions that are catered to consumers’ needs.


Lazah vegetables brand logo

Lazah brand name is inspired from an Arabic word that means delicious.

Lazah Ready vegetables

A Complete Meal In One Pack


We Make Vegetables & Fruits Irresistible, Easy To Buy, Store, Prepare And Serve.


We supply you frozen vegetables and fruits with a superior quality in both local and international markets. Our large supply of raw materials enable us to be flexible and agile in processing orders.
We offer customized specifications: cut size, mixes, degree of blanching and many others.

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