Raya Foods aims to be the recognized industry leader and the global leading supplier of healthful, wholesome, and nutritious prepared foods, putting product innovation, consumer insight, and customer partnerships as the main pillars throughout their ongoing expansion plan. This will be established by our team that consists of the finest experts in the field to draw together a new picture of supreme quality.

In early 2017, Raya Foods launched Lazah Brand in the Egyptian market with the aim of turning it into a global household brand that offers healthy solutions that tailor to consumers daily nutritional needs.

Lazah brand includes a product range of frozen vegetables & fruits that meets all consumers’ needs. The brand always has the drive to bring adaptable, easy to prepare and efficient product range to enable consumers to prepare their meals at ease. Lazah enables the average family, with efficient product range and affordable pricing; to have the best quality and taste to delight the whole family.

In 2020, Raya Foods is ranked the second biggest exporter of frozen vegetables.

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At Raya Foods, we aim to preserve nature’s gift and deliver the highest quality Egyptian vegetables and fruits, across the globe, through our integrated network of farms, state of the art freezing plant, storage facilities, and superior quality control. Our dedication to invest in technology and innovation will allow us to constantly introduce new products to satisfy the ever-changing market trends.


Our objective is to supply our customers and consumers with products that meet the highest quality and food safety standards and to be efficient in meeting their quickly-developing needs.


Our People

Our People

We are very passionate about our people and our company culture. We believe that by searching for, acquiring, and developing the best talent, we will always have the team that strives to deliver the highest standards.
Our Partners

Our Partners

Our suppliers are our partners. We insist on establishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers and integrate the farms into our production cycle.
Our Products

Our Products

By hand – picking the raw material, utilizing expert technical knowledge & advanced machinery, and controlling the cycle end to end, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality and food safety standards.
Our Service

Our Service

With a very diversified global portfolio, we offer a personalized customer experience to maximize satisfaction and to efficiently anticipate and react to our customers needs.


At Raya Foods, we take great pride in our commitment to provide wellbeing through our products. Establishing trust and long term relationships with our clients is key to successfully growing our business. Investing in our people will allow us to offer expertise and introduce innovation that sets us apart from competition. These are the keystones to our business and our long-term success.

Omar Abdelaziz